The Working Man’s Guide to Price

This is not a playbook. This is a metric for reading price and understanding it’s behavior. What you will find here is a guide. A straight forward guide, no fuss, no tricks. Just a simple and clear method to reading price and taking risks.

The PDF is only a few pages long. It details how I view price and how I take trades. You could study this guide, watch the charts for a few days and begin taking trades based on these ideas. You could do this on any product with volume. You can use any platform. I’ve included a study for TradingView.

While some methods are meant to keep you coming back to the source, month over month. My aim here is to give a robust and clear guide to taking trades on any product.

If what you are looking for is complexity, I will surely disappoint you.
I am offering a hammer and nail.

The Working Man’s Guide to Price PDF

Chart Examples PDF

If you would like to trade this method or would like clarity on anything I talk about in this PDF, feel free to reach out via X.