The Process

After reaching out:

We want to do a basic outline of where you want your focus to be. Simply describe your method and where you want to put your attention in our sessions.

Initially, setting up one or two video meetings is typical. Often, these initial sessions provide enough insight and guidance for traders to independently work on improving their strategies. However, some may prefer additional sessions for ongoing feedback on their trades or to help stay accountable to their trading goals. Self-sufficiency is the goal and we often just need a little outside perspective to get there.

Additionally, we can communicate via email. You can send me your questions or trades for review, and I typically respond with a recorded video, which I’ll send to you via email. This way, you can view my feedback at your convenience.

The rate is US$160/hour.
Paying in advance for multiple sessions reduces the fee (click on links to pay through Stripe).

3 hours: US$450($150/hour)

5 hours: US$700 ($140/hour)

You are welcome to simply purchase on a hourly basis as we go.

I don’t bill for any prep time or reading your emails. I only bill for time spent responding to emails, making videos or on the video call.

Sessions are pre-paid (or pay as you go), and the time used is deducted from the paid amount. For example, if you purchase 3 hours and we spend 1.25 hours on a video call, there are 1.75 hours left.

Some people opt to send me their trades, or questions, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or just when issues arise. We do all of this via email. I do not run a discord service or any other chat based services.

Other people choose to send in trades daily for several days in a row, looking for a lot of input quickly. This can all be discussed prior to deciding to work together, and will depend on both our schedules. Reviewing trades and providing email/video feedback usually takes about 10 minutes to 30 minutes, depending on how many trades/questions there are and the level of feedback required.

A video meeting is typically scheduled for 1 hour, but I leave time to go longer if needed. And we can cut it shorter if you desire.

If you wish to limit feedback to a certain time limit to control your costs, such as 1 hour per week, let me know in our communications and I will respect that.

At the bottom of any emails, I put down how much time was spent on the response.