Weekly Review

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Time to look over the week and see where we landed. Let’s go over some questions and evaluate our work.

Take a deep breath. The week is over. We want to take a few minutes to write out a thoughtful review of how we did and what we did.

Let’s begin.

This week I ended up _________________ .
(positive or negative)

My R value of the week was _________________ .

My best day this week was _________________ .

My worst day this week was _________________ .

My best trade this week was _________________ .

Why was the above listed day your best day? What made this day possible?

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What was the reason the above listed day was your worst day :

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Was there an error that appeared consistently through the week? If yes, what was is?

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How do you plan to mitigate this error next week?

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What was one of the more challenging things about the past week?

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Overall, my home life this week was (explain) :

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Give yourself a 1-10 rating on the following items:

I traded my plan this week : _______

I was patient between trades : _______

I trusted myself and my process this week : _______

I trusted that my strategy and the market would provide for me this week : _______

I enjoyed trading this week : _______

I did a good job reviewing this week : _______

In the box below, write some thoughts on your overall trading this week. Give us a sense of what worked, what didn’t and why.

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Alright, we’re done!

No matter how you traded or what your R value was, it’s time to call this week complete.

It’s very important, as a trader, to be the one who says “I am done here”. There is no more work do to this week. What has happened has happened and what will happen next week is yet to come.

Enjoy your weekend and spend time on things with real value.