Forget about your mistakes. A solid process will handle those for you. 

Andrew offers coaching on a limited basis. With a background in system development and human behavior, bringing clarity is the main goal in these projects.

Longer form topics and development include:

– Strategy Development

– Trader Feedback Loops

– Process Development

– Emotional Management and Trader Identity

Long form topics last 3-6 months. A plan is created to help the trader build something specific in their method. Perhaps execution, or a process or strategy. These tend to take some time to work through but in the end, you have a real result you can interact with. They follow a general guide built by Andrew with intent to achieve a specific process oriented goal.

Andrew also offers one on one coaching sessions where a trader can discuss a specific topic.

The rate for these calls is $100/hour and billed after the call is conducted. These tend to focus on a specific topic brought by the trader who may need simply a bit of insight to their situation or method.

To contact Andrew about any of these, please find him via the X link below.