The beauty of adventure is two fold.

We’re often drawn in by the potential for a great experience. Perhaps to meet a challenge we’ve not yet met or accomplish a thing that has not been accomplished.

A great adventure, one where we’ve fully committed ourselves to it, should bring us to the very edge of life. It should put up against that perfect moment between success and failure. In the mountains, that failure is often fatal. This reality sharpens the senses and bring into view our primary intentions as well as priorities.

The second element of a great adventure is to view what is not often viewed. To see what not many see. Standing beneath a 2000ft granite slab with the intention of ascending it brings about feelings of intensity, owe and appreciation.

To most visitors, the walls of Yosemite are grand, beautiful, intimating. They can certainly be appreciated. But to the climber who’s spent season after season working the details, the minutia of those walls, the view takes on a whole new meaning. Depth.

So it is with charts.

For those of us who live and breathe and make our home on the one, five or fifteen minute chart, we see and understand it in a way that seems perhaps obsessive to the normal visitor. We’ve lived much of our lives in these charts. It’s not that we live our normal lives here, we live some kind of alternative life here. One where we are someone else for the time. One we leave behind once the day is done.

In the images below, you’ll find some notes about how I see the rock walls we climb each day.

Cheers to an epic 2023 trading session.

Onward and upward.