Your Brains Primary Desire is to Maintain the Status Quo.

This is why a losing trader will remain a losing trader. No different than how a smoker remains a smoker.

Most losing traders don’t see themselves as losing traders. Sure, they are losing over time or are break even over time but their mind highlights the times they were right. The times it worked.

This in an effort to maintain the status quo.

You’re lying to yourself. Not because your a bad person but because it’s how the mind works. We do this about all kinds of things. Lifestyle changes, job changes, relationship changes. Our minds lie to us to keep things how they are.

You know what we do? We believe it!

Jim is overweight. Losing weight will be hard. He believes he can lose some weight sure, but he’ll still be fat and he’ll surly never feel confident with himself anyway. He’ll have to worry about what he eats or the weight will come right back.

Steve believes that if he sees negative on his PnL that he must defend himself from this negativity by either adding to the trade or cutting before it has time to work.

Sarah believes that is she turns down a friends invitation the won’t ask again and she’ll be sad and alone.

All of these thought patterns hold us back from challenging our current reality. As long as the mind can hold us in place with these lies, it won’t need to face a new and uncertain future.

We don’t create beliefs based on reality. That’s not how humans work. Not in science, not in religion and certainly not in markets.

We create beliefs as a form of protection. Protection from change, protection from harm, protection (sadly) from reaching your full and terrifying potential. You know what happens to a lot of people who reach their full potential? They die. That’s the truth. Your brain knows it. The trouble is, you are specifically trying to be something MORE than what most people attempt.

Those sad souls who settle for average. That’s not who you are. That’s not who you intend to be!

Your mind doesn’t understand this. You will have to turn around, face your thoughts, your beliefs, and challenge what you know is true in order to overcome this current moment.

How do you do this?

I want to get downright practical here. You need to first create a space to let your mind wander. Give it room to be honest with you. Let it say what it needs to say. Without judgement, without criticism. Than pause. Ask yourself if that thing you just thought is true. Sounds simple. It is. These beliefs are weak and scared and they don’t want to be faced. If you face a weak belief, if will disappear. No need to counter it, simply face it and ask it if it’s true. I know, this all sounds a bit “woo-woo” but trust me, there is power here. More power than you might imagine. This small and simple idea can move you to new places of thought and belief. Our lives are simply a physical representation of what we believe. It’s worth understanding what those beliefs are.

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