You learn the patterns you show your mind

When a baby zebra is born, it arrives in a sea of white and black stripes. It has one mother mixed in with 100 or so other identical animals. Subtle pattern differences differentiate each animal. Like a finger print. Because of this, and because the new mother loves her child, she shields her new babies eyes from seeing the other animals in the herd. She does this for those first impressionable moments of the child’s life. Very careful not to allow the baby to see another animal but her. By doing this, she forces her pattern into the mind of the new child. They will know her in the crowd for the rest of their lives despite the mass of the herd and their similarity.

In the same way, we must build a list of executable patterns in our own minds that correlate to our own strategy. To be able to do this, we must know where we interact with the market. From there, we simply memorize the ways the market also interacts with those areas. We can then better understand how we should act based on those areas and those patterns. We infer probabilistic meaning.

Show yourself the patterns

Friday – a day people love to lose. I may trade today, I may not. But what I know I will do is capture the past weeks patterns at my areas of interest. If you’ve had a good week or a bad week doesn’t matter. Now we start planning for next week. Go back and capture the patterns from the week. Memorize them. See what happened and visualize what you will do the next time you see those patterns. Build a robust library of motion. You must be like the mother zebra, showing your subconscious mind the patterns it needs to know. In doing so, you’ll find yourself acting on instinct and reflex, not over thinking each moment and not being guided by impulse.