The Market Loves it’s Own Trauma

Why is this?
Why does the market seem to love it’s own trauma?

We see a big move and it always seems like the market can’t help but go back.
It’s not so much a retest. That seems to indicate a move back and out. What does the market do? It get’s fixated on it.

I think this is because those who trade it are victims. They are victims of the market. They are fighting. Fighting for their dignity, their money, their ego.
And the market moves in turn.

But she doesn’t just move in turn, she calls that victim in like a siren. Gives them just enough to grip them tighter.
In doing this, she pulls in more helpless victims. Men and women with dignity in regular life. She pulls them in and set’s her hooks.

So where is the EDGE?

There is only one real edge in the market.
You will have the same entries as some of these victims. You will have some of the same exits. You will win, you will lose, just as they do.
So where is the edge?

The edge is in your mind. In your dignity. In you word. In your ability to act without passion.
To enter, to exit and have it mean nothing.

Your only aim should be this: To enter, to exit, to be exposed to big losses and big wins without it entering your heart.
You are to be cold. Distant.

The market hates a kind lover. She needs your distance.
She needs your cold, rational distance.
But she also needs your love. She needs you to play. To test, to try.
Without being swept up into her.

This is the edge.